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The Massage Institute 2: The customer is always right

"The client is always right" - which rules is pretty common for all sorts of services and ofcourse our rubdown institute isn't an exclusion... notably when the clients are these hot looking sensual models! Nut don't be on pleasing everyone you can because in such smallish collective it is pretty imprtant to take not only of yourself but your co-wrokers as well. Oh, and don't leave behind about your girlfriend who is currently going to need your attention in this scene even more than usual! Follow the story and play your role by mak ing your own choices and decisions sans knowing what results they will bring - this is the only way to bring interest and excitiment . Well, that and a pile of sexy looking models ofcourse!

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Shifumi with Jennifer Nexus

Shifumi is a elementary game which you might know by ither name - scissors, paper and rock. But should you would like to spice things up a tiny bit then you should play with this game with Jennifer Nexus - hot looking brunette model who is about to take off her clothes in case if she liberates! Well, not all of clothes in once ofcourse but one lump for every time you will win but if you ar elucky enough then quite briefly you'll notice her totally naked. And don't worry - if you will liberate the round then nothing will happen so you will undress Jennifer anyway. Every striptease event will be exhibited as short videoclip and when she'll have no extra clothes to eliminate she can prize you with something else... And keep noticed that she is not the only chick who likes this game in strip variation so visit our site and play with some of her sexy girlfriends too!

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